ROBOTICtack (ÖA) | ENSEMBLE KONTRAPUNKT | Musikverein | Gottfried Gabl

The digitalisation of work and the use of robots require fundamental questions to be asked about the role of humans in this process. Machines and robots that act and decide more and more independently are moving into our living environments. Robots are facing increasingly demanding tasks, currently they are only used in factories that are already largely automated, to maximise profit more efficiently than break-demanding, error-prone, and union-organised humans. This is because beyond the world of work, they are now set to learn how to act more independently and learn from their own errors, something so many people still cannot manage. There is also the question of morals, ethics, and culture; values reflected in what they say and do – values that many people are losing.

Which programming god will manage it? And on what fateful day?



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Austria, Vienna, 1010, Musikvereinsplatz, 1

Musikvereinsplatz 1
1010 Wien