Re:Wilding (UA) | Ensemble Reflektor


Re:Wilding (UA) | Ensemble Reflektor | Halle 424 Hamburg | Bar Avni

Rewilding our minds — Inside each of us is a wild woman, a wild man, or a wild child. That “inner creature” represents a mindset that is characterized by curiosity instead of fear, awareness instead of distraction, and passion instead of apathy. This is your natural birthright, unlearned through social conditioning. As an open and growing society, I believe we need allow this wildness back into our midst.

In Ying Wang’s composition “rewilding”, the ensemble starts in the presence – a loud materialistic world where society is hierarchically structured exploiting nature and human slaves. Empty hearts, empty souls filled with greed and envy. This is reflected in a metallic, electronic and harsh sonic environment, a symbol of exploitation, exclusion, loneliness, emptiness.

17h, 06.03.2022 | Funkhaus Berlin

© Bar Avni

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Germany, Hamburg, 20457, Stockmeyerstraße, 43

Stockmeyerstraße 43
20457 Hamburg