RE:Wildling - 37. Stuttgarter Filmwinter

20.01.2024 20:00 - 20.01.2031
Germany, Berlin, 14057, Masurenallee, 8-14


RE:Wildling | 37. Stuttgarter Filmwinter  

RE:WILDING is a joint production of Berlin based composer Ying Wang and Stockholm based filmmaker Wolfgang Lehmann. 

In RE:WILDING, the wildness of the music and images is that of life itself. A wildness of curiosity, not fear, of jungles and nature. Like Mahler, neither Wang nor Lehmann are mapping any specific nature environments, but rather create one of their own. In their world whales wander tropical highlands. Like a sudden weather change, Lehmann’s images appear out of the dark, while the music gradually reaches out into the wild. The images allow the music to unfold in new paths, leading us to a synthetic experience. They are observing the musical jungle, they don’t cut into it, they pulsate and breathe with the music. This idea of “re-wilding” isn’t about naively glorifying a life in nature. It rather is about examining our cultural paradigms of wildness and civilisation. RE:WILDING is asking for your associations to grow wildly.

 RE:WILDING was first conceived for a live performance. The cinema version is a revised version, implementing new ideas.

Video Link: Re:Wilding 

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Germany, Berlin, 14057, Masurenallee, 8-14

Masurenallee 8-14
14057 Berlin