Glissadulation - HfMT - Prof. Susanne Blumenthal - York Höllers 80. Geburtstag


Glissadulation -  HfMT - Prof. Susanne Blumenthal - York Höllers 80. Geburtstag

Created in 2014 as a commissioned composition for director Uli Aumüller's film "Wald" (Forest), "Glissadulation" unfolds a visual narrative. Branches jut out like sculptures from the dry forest, shimmering white in the light. In a single, slow take, the camera moves towards a black pool. The increasingly brighter colors, moments of sunshine, hint at the onset of spring. Aumüller's camera seemingly moves in slow motion without cuts, creating an unbroken sequence of images.

Ying Wang's composition draws inspiration from the cinematography, aiming to translate the progression of images into a concept of sound design. Various types of glissandi and sound modulations form the core elements of the composition as sonic and structural tools, hence the title: Glissadulation.

The music is inspired by the camera's movements. Microtonal clusters and glissando waves are modulated at different tempos and dynamics, converging into a form of sonic flow. This sonic flow contrasts with the movement of the images, creating a dramatic effect.

While Glissadulation was inspired by the film, it isn't a direct audible translation of the visuals into sound. Instead, the piece stands independently due to the cohesive structure of its musical language. Its form, dynamics, and the crafting of autonomous sonic landscapes transition in colors and gradations, solely rooted in musical grounds.

The piece was released in 2017 on the CD "Tun Tu," performed by the Phönix Ensemble, under the Wergo label.