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Hair - Medusa meets L'Oreál | Universität für Muwik und darsteleende Kunst Wien | Reina Yoshioka & Jingyi Zhai

Hair serves as the associative starting point for freely growing and moving musical thoughts. They begin at nodes, spreading everywhere. Even in space they exist. The cables of our generation are as thin as those on our heads. Underneath our houses, within the earth, they communicate the world to us. They reach every place. Globally and on the body. Soups are their natural enemy. In ancient Greek, they could kill. In fairy tales, they were rope. They represent purity and filth, are sources of allergy and caress. They radiate in all directions – in hair metal, they almost want to detach from the head; under elegant arches they stay highly tensioned in our hands. In "HAIR", the hairs of the violin and the viola are partly beautifully spread out, partly they, metaphorically speaking, whirl through the air. Quotes and allusions tell of other, foreign hairs. The musical comb only organizes what grows freely along tangled lines one-sidedly. There are two hair tufts; there are always several hairs. Their variations are numerous. They scratch, they protect, they nestle, they become matted, they divide, they change colors like chameleons. On the strings, they merely rub and yet produce historic tone. The electronics listen to the hairs as they grow, amplify and project the hairs into the space, so that L'Oréal meets Medusa.

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Germany, Berlin, 14057, Masurenallee, 8-14

Masurenallee 8-14
14057 Berlin