3 Nonsense Stücke

3 Nonsense Stücke

for 16 Voices (2011), 11 min.

Auftragskomposition des IGNM

Premiere: 23.02.2013, Concert Hall Austrian Broadcasting Company, Vienna
Conductor: Ajtony Csaba


1 Choir of Cicadas

You may often listen choral singing with full attention…beyond doubt it is not often a choir of cicadas. In this scene they talk, argue, mate, they sing…

2 Weather Forecast

A Weather-Forecast-Recording LIVE on Stage ! To see what the weather is like next days…..high winds, a day on the sunny side, or forthcoming a …?!

3 A Dream

…is about Mr. K’s abstruse dream,…..2 men, a graveyard,,…… it about dying,..? Actually everything had been a dream.

Y.W. 2012 Köln


23 February 2013


vocal music