Black Hole, Big Bang

for voice, ensemble, electronics and visual art (2018), 14 min.

Score Black Hole, Big Bang 

First performance: 6.5.2022

Viktoriia Vitrenko. Gesang
Luise Kautz. Regie
William Cole. Dirigent
musica assoluta

“fake news meme”

Parallel worlds exist. If the beyond/this world is already obsolete, multiverse is the new term. Each world claims the truth for itself and normality is what constitutes the rules in the own surroundings, meaning it is malleable term. Many black holes move on the event horizon. It can be quite nice to surrender to the force of gravity, too much is unhealthy. And singularity only helps peripherally.The Great Attractor – a star among starlets – is a master of attraction and radiance. He is a politician, actor, banker, journalist, and terrorist in one. Everything in his environment falls to him. His law shall apply to everyone. He devours the attention. He concentrates on only one thing: his matter. With this focus, he gets to the point.

Magnetic monopolies, strange matter consists of strange particles. This can absorb and transform normal matter – into the strange! Media, TV, politicians, lobbyists, preachers… strange matter? How can we escape it?

The SUPERSTRING theory allows the worlds to describe unimaginably tiny thread-like structures that vibrate in an engulfed 10- or 11-dimensional room. The sounds of these “superstrings”, as the collected physicist elite is convinced, assemble into a symphony bearing the name “universe”. Is music the connecting factor that unites the worlds? In this work by composer Ying Wang, the countertenor isthe Great Attractor. He gleams. Is famous. He wants attention and power. At any cost. He depicts criticism as lies. Everything that stands in the way is destroyed or assimilated.

Text passages are original – quotes of great black holes. Electronics satirize this and set counterpoints with the ensemble. In turn, parts of the ensemble fall to the force of gravity. Gradually, they recognize the danger. They fight against it. In the end, nature conquers everything. The composer wishes everyone a happy end!


06 May 2022


5 or more instruments, vocal music, with electronics