for 8 instruments (2013/2014), 15 min.

for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet(Double-bell), Trombone, Percussion, Midi Keyboard, Violin and Violoncello

commissioned by Swiss Re and Lucerne Festival 2014

World premier: 21.Mar.2014, Mastercard Center, Beijing
Lucerne Academy Ensemble, Dirigent: Chin-Chao, Lin

Swiss premier: 04.Sep.2014, KKL Lucern, Swissland

30. Sep. 2015 |Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte | Dortmund

22. Nov. 2015 | Ensemble Kontrapunkt | Wienmodern | Berio Saal, Musikverein, Wien

17. Oct. 2016 | United Berlin Ensemble | Werne Otto Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin


The whole city is awaken gradually in the dawn by a constant roaring sound heard in all places, which is generated by the modern industry. At the same time, a newly born young generation full of forces and energy come into being,who are dreaming of their dreams that defy all challenges and believe they can make their dreams fulfilled. The young generation brings hope and impetus to the city.In this time and history-honored country,under the challenges coming from everywhere,new ideas and new thoughts are in conflict,tradition and reform in confrontation. The music of this work delopes with multi motives with varied and colorful sound employed through creative orchestration,just to bring out an unusual sonority. Here fully displayed is a scene and a world of forceful ryhthm interwining with rich sonority.

Commission on the 75th Anniversary of Lucerne Festival and the 150th Anniversary of Swiss Reinsurance Company

Text ying wang (Translated by Sam Su)



由75周年卢塞恩音乐节以及150周年Swiss Reinsurance Company 共同委约


21 March 2014


5 or more instruments, with electronics