for double bell trumpet and video (2018), 19:00 min.

Score Noctilucent

Video part 2

dedicated to Marco Blaauw.
in two parts (Noctilucent part 1, noctilucent part 2)
intended as part of the media opera project “Plus- (minus)” (2018)
premiere: Marco Blaauw

"Noctilucent: The transition into the night imagined as the transition into another world. A world of seemingly rigid structures, of shadows, of empty spaces, and silence. Every tiny spark of light becomes a strongly emphasized accent in the darkness. Now, imagine there are no more humans in this world. In cities, humans have eliminated the night and transitioned it into a perpetual twilight. How would a humanless night continue to evolve—biologically, visually, and sonically? The cities would only briefly fall silent; new sounds would populate the city. They would be different, initially alien. What in the human night only briefly passed by, now has time to stroll. What was previously faintly audible, lurking in the background like an inaudible shadow, now takes the opportunity to unfold its sonic space. However, what remains of the old sounds? Which ones exist even without humans? What variations and developments does the humanless night undergo with the legacy of humans? Including the noise of machines and signals—but also that of music and language. The dystopian moment of these thoughts also carries something utopian and exciting. Between these two poles, Noctilucent undergoes numerous conceptual and musical feedback loops."


19 July 2021


1-4 instruments