for percussionist, e-guitar and string orchestra (2017), 17 min.

Commissioned by CHKD Berlin and HU Shengnan
Percussion solo: HU Shengnan
E-Gitarre : Seth JOSEL
Concertmaster: LU Wei with European Chinese Festival Orchestra
Premier: 31.03.2017, Kammermusik Saal, Berliner Philharmoniker


Leaping, floating, climbing, fighting. A legendary figure in Buddhism from Chinese mythology. Armed with a trident, he floats on the wheel of fire. When he fights against supervillains, his body transforms: like Medusa, he grows three heads and six arms. A being somewhere between human and spirit. He is as immortally incarnate as a lotus flower. Shining brightly with radiant brilliance, he moves the sea with his infinite power and courage, causes it to flow, and rides this force of nature on a single giant wave that continuously rises and crests. Honesty and boldness pervade the seven-year fighter. He seeks to slay the evil dragon who devours the sacrifices humans give to the sea—young boys who are Nuzar’s friends. Nuzar stands for justice. He defends those who are helpless and weak against the threat of great power. In this work, the E-Gitarre and percussion show their unique character and changing qualities. The soloist appears on the stage. Sometimes she cooperates with the stringorchestra, sometimes she confronts it, and sometimes they compete with each other. The spinning of the wheels of fire, the booming of the ocean waves, battle, death, rebirth, and the void transform into colorful, multifaceted musical figures that alternate with each other. The string orchestra uses novel playing techniques to depict the acoustic colors. Noises, unusual playing techniques, and clusters raise the level of explosiveness to make the sound three-dimensional and bring it to life. The work is a commissioned composition by percussionist HU Shengnan and she debuted it on March 31, 2017 in berlin philharmonic. 


31 March 2017


5 or more instruments, orchestra