Coffee & Tea - IEMA - Frankfurt

09.01.2024 19:30 - 09.01.2034
Ying Wang


Coffee & Tea (2013) For Ensemble and Electronics

Every day, these two beverages accompany us from dawn to sunset. Tea leaves and coffee beans originate from different climatic regions, undergoing distinct processing and preparation methods. Each drink carries its unique culture, philosophy, and tradition. Individuals incorporate them into their lifestyles and habits based on personal taste.

This work is conceptualized from this starting point: by exploring diverse combinations between two distinct "sound cultures" – the instrumental timbres of the ensemble and the directly or indirectly blended electronic sounds – it reveals a colorful world of finely tuned "auditory" delights and transitions in the involved space. An acoustic banquet woven into music, commissioned by MAM.manufaktur for contemporary music.