for baritone saxophone and electronics (2012), 10 min.

Commsioned by Kunststiftung NRW

Premiere: 31.März.2012, 18:00, space le acoustic Ircam, Paris

Saxophone: Guillaume Berceau
Technical Assistant: Jean Lochard


„Tun“ and „Tu“ are two chinese characters. The former can be interpreted as the vastness of space in the universe and the latter refers to the motion of inhalation and exhalation. The selection of these 2 characters as a title is to express the construction of a large and differing timbral space using different combinations and contrasting timbres of the baritone saxophone and electronics.

The structure of the work is based on specific numbers of individual sound objects with unequal and differing length. The organisation of which is based on the principle of contrast and confrontation. Each sound object (and resultant timbre) is regarded as a composite of various and indefinite smaller individual composants. Every element of these smaller composants are linked by alternating, overlapping or inverting. And silence is used to link each tone.

I used various softwares to help me in the composition of the piece. For example:

  • I used C-sound like a plugin in OM to change the timbre and spectrum in order to obtain the electronic sounds.
  • In Audio Sculpt, I use the partial tracking analysis.
  • I also used Spectraldelay in MAX to obtain a moving band frequency in the electronic sound etc.
The work consists of 3 groups, the electronics and eeal-time processes and the virtuosic baritone saxophone part. The 3 groups are part of an indivisible whole that cannot be seperated. Any partial lost of its total sum would result in the other not being able to stand on its own.


03 January 2024


1-4 instruments, with electronics